About Belleair, FL

The Town of Belleair can trace its origins to 1896, when railroad magnate Henry B. Plant constructed the Belleview Hotel – later renamed the Belleview Biltmore and currently standing as the Belleview Inn – on a high bluff just south of Clearwater. As tourism boomed and golfers and businessmen flooded the area, homes were developed around the hotel and Belleair was incorporated in 1925.

As a tranquil oasis that combines timeless elegance with coastal charm, this idyllic community offers residents a lifestyle of refinement and serenity. Belleair’s real estate landscape is a testament to sophistication, featuring a mix of luxurious estates, classic Mediterranean-style villas, and upscale condominiums. Many of these properties provide stunning views of the Intracoastal Waterway or the picturesque Belleair Country Club, known for its world-class golfing facilities.

The heart of Belleair is its pristine waterfront, where residents can savor the beauty of the Gulf of Mexico from secluded beaches or take leisurely strolls along Belleair’s scenic coastal pathways. The Belleair Causeway provides easy access to Clearwater Beach and the warm, inviting waters of the Gulf for those seeking beachfront adventures.

Belleair’s charming downtown area offers a wealth of dining, shopping, and cultural experiences. From gourmet dining at waterfront restaurants to exploring local boutiques and galleries, residents and visitors alike can relish in the small-town charm that Belleair has to offer.

Nature enthusiasts will appreciate Belleair’s proximity to various parks and preserves, including the scenic Belleair Bluffs Park and the serene Eagle Lake Park. These natural oases provide the perfect backdrop for outdoor activities, birdwatching, and picnicking.

Belleair’s cultural scene is rich and vibrant, with the Belleair Country Club hosting various social events and the nearby Ruth Eckerd Hall showcasing world-class performances. For those seeking more extensive cultural offerings, the Central Park Performing Arts Center and the city of St. Petersburg, known for its museums, theaters, and vibrant arts community, are just a short drive away.

Belleair’s welcoming community, timeless charm, and natural beauty make it an ideal destination for those seeking a refined coastal lifestyle. Discover the enchantment of Belleair, where tradition and history meets the tranquil allure of Florida’s Gulf Coast.